Why Should You Switch to A Local Butcher in 2024

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be healthier, it’s not enough to simply try and eat more vegetables. You should pay attention to where your food is coming from as well. So when you buy meat, why not choose a local butcher instead of the supermarket varieties? 

Better Quality

One of the biggest differences between supermarkets and butchers is the quality of the meat. Supermarket meat is packaged in a factory and is pumped full of additives and preservatives as it needs to travel to the store and then have a long enough shelf life to be bought. Butcher meat on the other hand is sourced locally, makes a short trip, and is often cut as needed, which means you get something fresh every time. 

Better Cost

Nowadays it’s a fact that supermarkets are inflating prices to turn a profit and it’s negatively affecting regular people the most. If this is you, consider a local butcher. As a small business, they’re more likely to keep prices fair, and this means less costs and more value for money. 

You’re also able to get pre-cut and marinated meat for a fraction of the costs at the supermarket, where you’d be paying extra for this or having to buy the marinade separately. A bonus is that as you buy at the butcher over time, they get used to seeing you and you build a rapport. This helps as you can then request new cuts to be bought in or start branching out to the local fishmonger too! 

Better Service

Let’s face it, the only help a supermarket worker is going to give you is telling you where the meat is. When you go to the butcher however you can ask them questions and get real, educated answers from the best people in the industry. Questions such as ‘Which cut is best for a BBQ?’ and ‘Which marinade goes well with potatoes’ as well as ‘What’s best value for money?’, are all normal questions they hear and they will be happy to answer. 

Try Online Butchers for More Convenience 

If you want to go one step further than all of the benefits we listed above, the secret is to choose a local online butcher like Parson’s Nose, Butchers of London.

You can order online, get the meat to your home in a temperature-controlled delivery, and not have to stand in line at your local butchers with everyone else on the weekends.

If you need additional help, Parsons Nose also helps you learn more about cooking at home, with their exclusive global TV shows now available as an educational tool in 2024.

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