What florists wish you knew before you place the order?

As you prepare to order flowers for an upcoming occasion or to brighten someone’s day, it’s understandable to focus mainly on what bouquet or arrangement you want and when it needs to be delivered. But, florists have shared insider tips on information they wish customers knew ahead of time to make the ordering process smoother for everyone. Florists recommend ordering one to two weeks in advance for special occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day when inventory volumes are highest. For a birthday, anniversary, or other less widespread dates, one week’s notice is appreciated. Same-day orders for delivery should be placed as early in the day as possible, preferably before noon, as afternoons tend to be crunch times for designing arrangements and coordinating drivers.

Know your color preferences

It’s extremely helpful for customers to have some colors in mind for their bouquet or arrangement, as simply asking a florist to make something “pretty” leaves a lot open to interpretation. Florists have individual tastes and styles that colors help define. Realistic options also depend on flower availability and what’s in season, which florists keep on top of. Florists enjoy using their skills, experience, and access to inventory to design personalized, thoughtful arrangements. Customers shouldn’t hesitate to share details that capture the essence of the recipient and occasion to help guide floral choices. Handing florists strict rules on several specific flowers and exact placement tends to constrain creativity versus inspire it. Unless creating replica arrangements, provide a general direction and see what they design.

Understand substitutions may occur

No florist wants unhappy customers or recipients, but flower availability and thus arrangements can be unpredictable. Last-minute orders for popular flowers like roses on Valentine’s Day often exceed supply. Advise florists upfront on acceptable substitutions to prevent delays in cases certain blooms run low or out. This allows florists to pivot while adhering to patron preferences. florists in mississauga offer all kinds of accompaniments to arrangements from vases, to teddy bears, to chocolates that complement floral gifts. Don’t be shy about asking what add-ons are available and if they have pricing online for all the extra ways to enhance arrangements. This avoids unpleasant surprises on final costs or deliveries arriving without requested additions. It also allows proper time to obtain special add-on requests.

Give proper recipient notification

Senders are in the best position to contact recipients to confirm that an arrangement is on its way for a special occasion or brighten-your-day delivery. Lacking notification, recipients may fail to accept delivery on the first attempt. Florists do send prepaid postcards when permissible with orders but don’t always have recipient contact information these days due to online ordering. A little coordination prevents arrangements from being sent back.

Understand same-day order limitations

As much as florists try to go above and beyond with customer service, limitations exist on same-day orders regarding customization and delivery areas based on logistics. Drivers only cover so much territory last minute. Some exotic or imported flowers like orchids require advanced requests before wholesalers can source. Clarify what’s possible versus unrealistic if requesting same-day arrangements. Ordering flowers for loved ones or special occasions should ultimately be a feel-good experience on both ends. Hopefully, a better understanding of insights from behind the scenes helps create smooth transactions for all involved.