Top Five Tips To Keep Drains Clean And Clear In Herne Bay

We asked David Higgins from Thanet Drainage in Herne Bay how to keep drains clear. He provided us with the following information.

Blocked drains are a hassle no one wants. They cause unpleasant odours and slow drainage, potentially leading to bigger plumbing issues. But there are simple and affordable solutions to prevent blocked drains in your home’s plumbing system.

Sink Strainers

Consider adding affordable stainless steel or silicone sieves or filters to your plugholes to prevent clogging in your drains. These allow water to flow freely while catching hair and food debris. Additionally, investing in drain covers for your shower and bath is a good idea to prevent hair clumps mixed with beauty products and conditioners from causing issues. With drain covers, you can avoid having to clean your plughole after every shower.

Disposing Of Oil And Grease

It is important to avoid pouring cooking oil and grease, such as lard, butter, and margarine, down your drains as they can cause considerable damage. Fats entering the pipework can slow down draining and eventually solidify, causing blockages and clogs. This can happen even if everything appears to have gone down the drain without issue initially. If left untreated, the issue will escalate and create more problems later on. Flushing water down the drain won’t help much since oil and water don’t mix. You may have to use stronger cleaning solutions like drain unblockers or seek assistance from a professional drain unblocking service.

Only Flush Paper

To maintain proper functioning, the toilet and its pipes are intended for the disposal of human waste and toilet paper only. The usage of baby wipes and wet wipes has significantly increased, and it is important to dispose of them properly.

It’s important to avoid flushing items like feminine hygiene products down the toilet as they can cause major blockages in the drain. Unlike toilet paper, these items do not break down easily.

It has come to our attention that blocked pipes are becoming a widespread issue, which can be attributed to the use of thicker multi-ply toilet tissue. To prevent this problem, we strongly recommend using the minimum number of ply you find comfortable. However, if you prefer to use super soft 4-ply tissue, it is advised that you use it sparingly to avoid any potential future complications. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so we highly encourage you to adhere to these suggestions to maintain a functional and safe plumbing system.

Enzyme Cleaning Sticks

Enzyme cleaning sticks are a drain cleaning solution that is affordable, costing less than £1 per unit. They are made with a safe, bio-friendly enzyme that effectively dissolves grease, fat, and soap residues. To use it, simply place a stick in each plughole every month. The enzyme will activate every time water flows through, effectively clearing fatty deposits and eliminating odours from your drain.

Call The Professionals

There may be situations where the previously mentioned recommendations do not effectively address the problem at hand. In such instances, it is advisable to resort to professional drain unblockers as a solution. These companies are usually reasonably priced and will arrive at your home quickly, as they realise the importance of clearing blockages quickly.