Recurrent Implantation Failure, Causes, Definition & Management

Recurrent implantation failure could be a way in which describes failing pregnancy after transfer getting no less than four healthy furthermore to top quality embryos in no under three fresh or frozen cycles within the lady youthful than 40 years. When implantation failure occurs more once with greater quality embryos, then it is name is recurrent implantation failure. It is not an easy condition as it is challenging for doctors to understand causes it and the easiest method to correct it. It’s a frustration situation for patient along with a physician. Based on general market trends, it’s believed that roughly 10% of women seeking In vitro fertilization treatments treatment face this excellent problem.

Reasons for Recurrent implantation failure:

Many reasons exist for, that may cause recurrent implantation failure. Some could be the following:

  1. Quality of embryos: Quality of embryos is really a significant element in In vitro fertilization treatments treatment. If embryos have poor, then the opportunity of effective implantation is reduced. A highly effective and quality embryo will get a lot of cells much like every day from the development and day-5 embryos (Blastocysts) were graded based on expansion brilliance the interior cell mass and trophectoderm.
  1. The Endometrium Factors: The concept is always that big fibroids, big size endometrial polyp may hinder implantation to result in recurrent implantation failure.
  1. Hydrosalpinges: Once the fallopian tube is filled with water or fluid this issue is called hydrosalpinges. Fluid inside the fallopian tube enters in uterine cavity and this may lead to pregnancy failure.
  1. Thrombophilia and Immunological Factors: The condition fighting capacity of body protects infections and abnormal process. The increase of uterine natural killer cells in lady results in pregnancy failure.

Treatment before Recurrent implantation failure occurs:

Sometimes if repeated failure occur during In vitro fertilization treatments, some possible treatment solutions are carried out before before implantation.

Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIg): It’s a medication, that’s effective in control of implantation failure for individuals women which have implantation failure after In vitro fertilization treatments.

Intralipid (IL): It’s also fix for RIF. It’s helpful for individuals patients who’ve abnormal Natural Killer cell level, that is usually administrated intravenously. It might alsoenhance implantation rate that assist in repair of pregnancy.

Other to produce that are required to envisage to prevent RIF include reducing stress, nutritional changes, and acupuncture. These issues must be resolved after first cycle.