Pearl Lam: Art World Wonder Shows How Food and Art Are Profoundly Together

Pearl Lam is an expert speaker, which is evident from her podcasts. Lam has interviewed people from different walks of life; if someone thought being the international gallerist Pearl Lam, she would interview artists, one couldn’t be further from the truth. But one thread that has been sewing the conversation held by the host of Pearl Lam’s podcast is art and its influence.

In two of her podcasts, this prominent female entrepreneur had a conversation with two chefs who are path-breakers in their own right. In an interview with Rebecca Jones, while discussing the line-up of guests for Pearl Lam’s podcast, the authority on Asian contemporary art and design said there will be chefs. The reason for bringing in culinary masters was, ‘I need food; I’m really a foodie.’ So, listeners and viewers of the YouTube podcast would get a treat of listening to two chefs – Stephanie Le Quellec and Zahara Khan.

Expert Speaker Pearl Lam Talks About Contemporary Food & Art

In the second podcast, the art world wonder Pearl Lam chatted with two Michelin Star-awarded chefs, Stéphanie Le Quellec. The conversation flowed from how Stéphanie started her career as a chef and worked her way up. As a female chef who began her journey being only one of the two ladies in a workplace of 80, where the rest were men, the only way to succeed is to work harder than others and never give up even when ‘you are talented.’

This resonates well with the host of the Pearl Lam podcasts because that is what Lam has been doing even after being the most recognisable gallerist in the world. She continues to re-invent and reimagine how to push the boundaries with art and start a dialogue with it. Another factor that connected these two ladies was understanding the evolution of culture and the world. Despite being a Parisian chef who is not into fusion foods but rather has a classical approach to her culinary style, she recognises that, like art, food needs to adapt and change. The result has been the signature dish of La Scène, which is just like great art. It took four to six months to become a plate that mesmerises patrons.

Pearl Lam’s Podcast Can Resonate with Many Asian Women

The host of The Pearl Lam Podcast interviewed Zahra Khan in her eighth episode, aptly titled ‘Empowering Women Through Food and Art’. A young entrepreneur and women chef from Pakistan, now living in London, started her café called ‘Feya Café’. It is a unique success story of a woman who was the only student in her culinary class and how she went on to open three venues in England despite being hit by COVID-19.

In conversation with Lam, the prominent female entrepreneur, Khan discusses how entering her café is like a journey. Each venue has its own theme, which stems from her artistic background. Zahra feels that eating is a journey and a part of an artistic process, so giving the patrons an immersive experience matters; hence, the unique designs and sitting arrangements in her café are vital.

Opinions Converge With the Host of The Pearl Lam Podcast

Whether it’s Michelin Star chef Stéphanie Le Quellec or Pakistani entrepreneur and chef Zahra Khan, their opinion marry into that of the art world wonder Pearl Lam. Both art and cuisine, whether it’s fine dining, bistro food, or concept dining, represent a human vibe. Even traditional and classical art and artists’ paintings represented society and life, which was to be admired, enjoyed, or taken note of through their work.

Once, Pablo Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ showcased the massacre of war and still holds pertinence; similarly, ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci resonates through the masses. It has become timeless, just like molecular gastronomy and the creations done through it by famous chefs like Heston Blumenthal or the creation of rustic yet fine dining plates by Stéphanie Le Quellec. On the other hand, presenting café food in a contemporary style requires always being creative.

Irrespective of being a chef by profession, they have to be an artist because their food needs to appeal to the sight first before it becomes a gastronomic delight and creates a robust sensation on the palate. Hence, rightfully, the most recognisable gallerist in the world brings in chefs to discuss food with art and shows how the two combine and can become a point of new cultural conversation that brings people together where society is already so divided.