Organized Citizen Protests A Totally New American Phenomenon?

A extended way from the united states . States, in Madrid, The country, lots of protestors are marching to protest high unemployment and poor government. They’ve marched for a few days.

The unemployment rate within the u . s . states is 21%. Using the Connected Press, unemployment among individuals aged 16 to 29 within the u . s . states is 35%. The thousands within the march are very organized, according to physiotherapists and masseurs (The Earth and Mail, 7/24/11).

To America…

On Thursday every week, the U.S. might have its largest municipal personal personal personal bankruptcy ever in Jefferson County, Alabama. The county, obtaining a population of 660,000, has battled for quite some time under $3. billion of sewer bonds which have matured the town cannot pay back. Creditors, created by JPMorgan Chase & Co., want their. About 500 county staff is on delinquent leave.

The street from Madrid, The country, to Birmingham, Alabama, could be a extended one. The issues inside a vacation to a vacation in a holiday in greece, Portugal, The country and Italia are mature and they are only getting worse. How do citizens survive with 21% unemployment?

Within The U . s . States, For me personally our complaints are just beginning. Remember, the federal government along with the Given did everything outstanding capability to keep your economy going. We’re beginning to find out pressure on municipalities and claims that can’t balance their books or pay back their debt.

Think about the havoc that greater unemployment, a quickly devaluing greenback, greater rates and greater inflation might have with municipalities and states? I truly would not be surprised to discover large, organized citizen protests finish off is the new phenomenon within the u . s . states this year.

Michael’s Personal Notes:

Wrong, wrong, wrong. They have known as everything wrong.

The financial news sites today are reporting that gold is hitting a totally new record near the top of fears regarding the debt ceiling for the U.S. government not elevated. “Gold surges to record as U.S. debt impasse threatens default, AAA Rating,” could be a headline that Bloomberg ran today (7/25/11).

Within my humble opinion, gold isn’t rising on cost because Congress won’t raise the U.S. debt ceiling. It’s the choice-gold is booming since the debt ceiling will most likely be elevated. When it’s elevated, the problem U.S. debt increases in the present $14.3 trillion to maybe $16., $17. or even $18. trillion.

It is precisely what gold is actually concerned about…revolving national debt, thats liable to bring of the devaluation within the U.S. dollar and perhaps inflation.

It is a forgone conclusion the U.S. debt ceiling will most likely be elevated. Politicians-each side of the home-wouldn’t dare to give the U.S. default on its obligations.

In which the Market Stands Where it’s Headed: