My child’s school has told me I need a Guardian who is AEGIS Accredited? What does this mean?

In the world of International students, we by now know that they need a Guardian to finalise their place in school, and to grant their Tier 4 Visa application.
I have asked my cousin, who lives in the UK and mentioned to the school that I would like them to be the Educational Guardian to the student. The school have told me this is not okay, and now, on reflection I see why.
There are two types of Guardian, those who have an AEGIS Accreditation, and those that do not. So why do I need an AEGIS Guardian, rather than using a friend, or even a Guardianship without this accolade?
The short answer is, a company like this one, we found called YES Guardians, have the AEGIS stamp of approval. Meaning that they have a lot of experience with Students studying in the UK. All of their staff are highly safeguarding trained, and have been police checked, so I know as a parent that they will be safe in the care of this company, and their individual Guardian has their best interests at heart.
They have contacts in all the schools, and know the subject matter of Boarding schools in the UK implicitly. I know that if the school contacts me, the parent about something, that I can ask the Guardian, and they will know what to do.
Finally I know that along with the staff in the actual company. That the Host Families that an AEGIS Guardian hire to look after our loved ones are all checked out, properly, and are warm, kind and trustworthy.
Overall, an AEGIS Guardian, over one that is not AEGIS is a company that I know my child will be safe in the care of – and will also act in the best way in case of emergency.

I highly recommend YES Guardians.